Emergency Closure Notice February 14, 2019 **Updated**

Limonite Progress Schedule 

Contractor will be working on construction stages 1C. Field activities will consist of bridge construction, roadway excavation for ramps, retaining wall excavation, and Limonite Avenue road work.

Ramp Closures

The I-15 Southbound off-ramp and the I-15 NB on-ramp have been closed due to flooding. The I-15 Southbound on-ramp is beening monitored and will be closed if it becomes a safety concern. More rain is expected throughout the day and continuing through tomorrow, so the ramp closures are likely to continue until Friday or Saturday . The ramps will be reopened as soon as the flooding is subsided and conditions are deemed safe.

** All ramps have been reopened


Thursday, February 14

Until flooding is subsided


Full closure of Southbound off-ramp and Northbound on-ramp.

Possible full closure of Southbound on-ramp.