Project Update

The contractor’s project schedule has become fluid due to the impacts of inclement weather. The challenge to maintain the committed schedule is because of access to the work area and the availability of contractors to perform portions of the work. Weather impacts and cancellation of work due to weather, creates scheduling conflicts with on-going project commitments and re-scheduling of activities to work-around other project prior commitments. Notices will be provided with the maximum lead time possible to keep the bridge project on schedule and moving forward. Updates will be sent as soon as the contractor work schedule updates become available. The contractor is making every effort to meet the major project milestone by utilizing multiple crews and working nights and weekends when appropriate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Special Webcam Updates

The project webcams are solar powered to be environmentally friendly and conserve energy. When the cloud cover remains for several days, the cameras may lose power and be unavailable until the solar panels recharge the batteries that support the camera system. The website will not be affected by this loss of solar power.  Webcam will be available once power is restored.

Thank you for your patience.